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₹1,000.00 per hour

Navin is an excellent trainer who builds quick connect with the audience be it a fresher or experienced.
• Having worked extensively on JAVA projects as developer, he is able to impart hands-on knowledge to the learners. His ability to explain the concepts at the required level makes him an excellent teacher who is liked and respected by his students.

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Chittranjan Daftuar Pune, Maharashtra, India

₹5,000.00 per hour

My expertize include Soft Skill Training, Psychometrics, Competency Mapping, Assessment Centre, Spirituality and Sensitivity Training

I am a D.Litt. P.G. IIT Kharagpur, and a specialist in HRD, OD, Organizational Behavior, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Competency Mapping, Ergonomics & Social Psychology. Obtained Honors Degrees at both graduate and postgraduate levels from the Patna University. I have been the Head of Dept. of Psychology, M.S. University, Baroda, India.

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N K Sundaram Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

₹1,250.00 per hour

Have got more than 30 years of experience and have headed HR in various top companies.
I develop my own modules and innovate everytime. I have done programme in Muscat (99% of participants were Indian and there was just one Irish Project Director) and recently have done a programme in Dubai where the participants belonged to various nationalities such as Jordan, UAE, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Armenia and India. So I can now handle participants from different countries as well.

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