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Personal Excellence Program
Participants learn how to get out of disempowering states instantly, rid themselves of fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and unpleasant memories, get rid of addictions, communicate better with themselves and others and thus improve relationships, create a base for sustained motivation and much more. And these changes take place far more quickly than with other methods they may have tried.


Motivation by Arjun Raina


‘When your milk gets spoiled, you still get cheese’ – What i mean by this is very simple. You will mostly end up in situations which you do not perceive as perfect and the way you planned. No matter what you do and how well you plan, you are bound to end up in such situations, but does your life depend more on preventing such events from occurring or your way of handling or looking at these situations. Well, I think its the later, what do you think? I am sure all of us , no matter how careful we are, have seen our milk getting spoiled due to carelessness or just by chance and because it is ‘Milk’ and only milk that we wanted, we get annoyed by this and tend to throw it without trying to change our POV ( Point Of View ) towards the situation as our Subconcious does’nt allow us to do that. We stop at the Grocery store while returning from work to buy milk for the evening and also get a nice chunk of ‘ Cottage Cheese ‘ to make that dish we’ve been craving for.
That’s when we realise, if we really do realise, that if we would have opened up our mind and looked at the so called Milk Disaster in the morning positively, we would be enjoying fresh Homemade cheese for dinner and we probably would’nt be wasting that extra bit of time or money buying that chunk of cottage cheese, and what about that little stress related to the morning situation?.
What i mean to say by this example is that, it is imperative that we will face situations we never planned for and we will not achieve our goals or become successful by only making the so called perfect plans. What our life really depends on is the way we deal with these unplanned situations and our POV of looking at everything. It is our ‘Thoughts’ that Make or Brake us.


Data Modeling Training

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Training outline


Participants will learn how to:

  • Create Entity Relationship Diagrams by identifying entities, attributes, relationships and constraints from a set of requirements
  • Normalize the Entity Relationship Diagram to third Normal form
  • Develop sound database designs by applying proven data modeling techniques
  • Engineer/Reengineer the data Models into and from relational database designs
  • Optimize the Relational Database Design for various functional/non functional requirements
  • How to work with database change requests and maintain existing databases with the help of tools.
  • Use ERwin Data Modeler


Data modeling topics covered:

  • Entities, Attributes and Relationships
  • Entity-Relationship Diagrams(ERD)
  • Data modeling notations(IE,IDEF1X)
  • Relationship types
    • Cardinality: 1:1,1:M,M:M
    • Optionality: Mandatory, Optional
    • Degree: Unary, Binary, Ternary
  • Modeling super-type & sub-types
  • Keys
  • Logical ó Physical transformations
  • Relational Model
  • Database Normalization
  • De-normalization and performance
  • Relational Algebra
  • Dimensional modeling
    • Dimensional modeling process
    • Fact and dimension tables
    • Star & snow-flake schemas
    • Slowly changing dimensions


ERwin Data Modeler functions covered:

  • Data Modeling and diagramming
  • Subject Areas
  • ER Diagrams for communication
  • Forward & Reverse Engineering
  • Synchronization between model ó database
  • Model Comparison
  • Reporting & Publishing
  • Domain dictionary
  • Bulk Editing
  • Working with objects: Tables, Columns, Constraints, Views, Indexes and other physical properties
  • User Defined Properties(UDP)
  • Standardizing & Reusing design elements
    • Naming Standards
    • Themes
  • Dimensional Modeling, Data Movement & Mapping
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