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youngat90prabu Tamilnadu

₹600.00 per hour

Founder of Hi BRO HRD and Young at 90 Trust. We do educational, social, environmental and developmental projects

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₹0.00 per hour
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mlaxmi48 Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

₹1,800.00 per hour

• Total Overall Experience 6 years.
• 1.6 years of experience in development in Web site designing with WordPress.
• More than 3 years of experience in object-oriented analysis, development, testing, and integration of scalable, multi-tier distributed enterprise business applications.
• More than 3 years of experience in working with JSP and Servlets.
• More than 2 years of experience in working with Swing Applications.
• More than 2 years of experience in working with SQL and PL/SQL.
• Strong knowledge in working with MVC architecture using Struts Framework.
• Hands on experience in developing enterprise applications using Design patterns.
• Good knowledge in working with Hibernate.
• Ability to learn new concepts and to adapt to new environments.

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Mrinmoy Banerjee New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India. Kolkata

₹0.00 per hour

Strong training skill and the ability to ensure all employees go through a good training programme before being left on their own. I understand how important it is for employees to know how to do their jobs correctly and I have the skills to help create programs that are effective and that meet the needs of the company.
My abilities also include staying current on all the latest technologies associated with the industry so new training methods can be implemented and to obtain the materials needed for these programs while adhering to the allotted budget.

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Soul Search

$0.00 per hour

A seasoned Psychologist and freelance Behavioral Trainer with around 10 years of experience in the field of Psychology and Behavioral Training. She has an M.Sc in Applied Psychology and an M.B.A in HR. All the Programs conducted are Therapeutic in Nature.

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sonalishah Faridabad, Haryana, India

₹3,000.00 per hour

Advocate Sonali is an avid reader and has a keen interest in the interpretation and evolution of laws. She pursued Law from the Faculty of Law Delhi University. Prior to being a lawyer, she was a Professor at Amity University in the field of Biotechnology. As a student also, she had been actively involved with Advait, and used to conduct personality development training for college students. She is the partner at Abhimanyu Singhal & Co. (a Chartered Accountancy firm) and also Director (Non Executive) for Vasantha Lakshmi Charitable Trust and Research Center “VLCT & RC”, a non profit organisation working for the upliftment of women and children.
In the field of law, her areas of practice include Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Laws, Infrastructure and Real Estate law, Dispute Resolution. She has varied experience in infrastructure contracts and is actively involved in conducting trainings and awareness programs on IP law, prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace, Policy drafting and dispute resolution. She also has an exposure in Arbitration and Litigation against PSU and other Public Private Partnership companies. She has been actively involved in drafting and vetting of agreement such as Service Agreements, Lease Deeds, Share Purchase Agreement etc. She also assists clients with CSR compliance.

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