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Key Features for Trainers and Training companies:-

We provide a platform to training providers to showcase their talent through profile, video and article upload. Additionally,

Trainers and Training organizations -

1. Can publish a public profile with their demo session.
2. Can search for training projects and bid for the same.
3. Can share their insights on hot topics and get into the limelight.
4. Can publish their upcoming events and call nominations.

Key Features for Training Seekers / Employers :-

We aim at bringing top trainers on this platform and thus making your training needs met easily.

Employers -

1. Can post their projects (Training needs) and call for trainer's applications.
2. Search, View and select the most suitable profile, assign job and make escrow payment.
3. View videos of trainers for better perspective of trainer's skills.
4. Nominate in public events.

Terms of conditions

Before submitting / reading / viewing any content, please note:

Any article submitted here by users (all type) are the property of user. Copywrite terms need to be checked by user before submitting posts / events / profile / articles / videos / training requirements / any other content.

Once content is submitted to the site (, the site admin and seo team is free to reuse your content for further marketing of your profile or of the site.

All the content submitted by users are third party content. We do not have much control over it. Users need to abide by law and post content as per law.

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