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Participants learn how to get out of disempowering states instantly, rid themselves of fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and unpleasant memories, get rid of addictions, communicate better with themselves and others and thus improve relationships, create a base for sustained motivation and much more. And these changes take place far more quickly than with other methods they may have tried.


By venkat

My name is Venkateswaran Subramanian (Venkat) and I am a Certified Confidence Coach, Certified Life Coach and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner. TULOS in Finnish means 'Result' or 'Outcome' and this is what I strive to deliver in a quicker time while making the journey to learning and change enjoyable for my Clients. I have worked in the Corporate Finance and Human Resource functions for three decades in India and abroad and have seen executives grapple with challenges at work from Managers failing to take ownership and accountability, toxic leadership vitiating work atmospheres to lack of leadership, all of which affect their personal lives as well, leading to a host of other challenges like stress, low morale, negativity, relationship issues, lack of confidence, low energy and even addictions. I have seen students who have lost confidence and the urge to move forward, business people who have lost everything and are at the crossroads on the way forward or have strained relationships with family members. That is where I come in to help. I enjoy reading on a wide range of topics that cover Management, Leadership, Biographies, Psychology and Spirituality. I also like listening to music and paint when I can. I also take up speaking engagements.

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