The Subconscious and Conscious Learning

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I felt inspired, I got the wow feeling, I got mesmerised…

Oh, I think I learnt something new!

Since childhood, we have experienced such wow feeling for certain things when we saw it for the first time and those were the moments we gained true learning. The moments when we gained experiences that remain with us for a long time like an inspiration that makes its mark somewhere in our brain, in our heart.

Remember? How a complex theory was explained beautifully by a primary teacher and we remember that theory even when we have grown an adult not using it even once in actual life?

I am sure we all have experienced this type of learning. That’s because, that learning was not taught to us, it was explained like a story. It was an experience. We felt involved, the experienced the feeling of being part of the story.   And this experience of being part of the story remains with us, always.

There may be several theories on learning, but I believe learning has got its own stages…

Stage 1 – The Inspiration

Stage 2 – The Experience

Stage 3 – The Positioning of this experience in our mind

I call it the PIE model of learning

And when we make use of our learnings in certain way, we again go through few more stages. I believe those stages are …

Stage 4 – Mind allocates champions to work on this inspiration. Those champions are our dreams, ideas, planning, etc.

Stage 5 – Mind sends signals to body for execution of the plan

Stage 6 – Experiencing the process and results (this stage depends on stage 4)

Stage 7 – After the results stage, we move back to stage 1. Back to inspiration that we gain from the results.

& the cycle goes on!

Let’s keep our eyes open for these stages and remain conscious about loose links between these stages. Wherever required, look for opportunities, join the loose links and gain the most from your learnings. And lastly, keep looking for those wow moments, Happy learning!


By Lucky Anand

Lucky Anand – Corporate Trainer, Instructional Design Consultant and a seasoned OD professional. With over 14 years’ experience of corporate and consulting, Lucky has rendered her services to the society through bringing about positive change in people as well as in organizations through her soft skill trainings. She has helped individuals in gaining a competitive edge through her programs on Presentation skills, Communication skills, Interpersonal skills, Self - Discovery and many more.

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